Initial Rewards - Changing Loyalty


Let your clients INTERACT with you and your product

  • What is it?

    As the leader in full-circle rewarding, Initial Rewards has built in an element of fun to our rewards platform. We call it gamification and it works. The idea is simple, adding fun increases engagement. Increased engagement builds loyal customers.


  • Why Gamification?

    Often, it is the chance at a grand prize that is enough of a reward for your customers. Want to increase sign ups? Offer a go on one of our scratch cards. Want to say thank you for the referral? Take a spin of our wheel. The possibilities are endless.

An easy way to REWARD your clients

  • How it works

    The games, the promotion and real-time visual progression interface are fully customizable. The prizes and payout ratio are up to you too. Our platform simply allows you to reward your customers in real time with a bit of fun.