Initial Rewards - Changing Loyalty


Building strong RELATIONSHIPS is essential

  • Experts in gifting and fulfilment

    Virtually any item you want sent to someone important, we’ll ship.

    Exclusive Gifts

    From watches to handbags, from jewellery to the latest gadgets to a brand new car, Initial Rewards can send any gift you want to give.

    Reward Loyalty

    Whether you come up with the exclusive ideas yourself, or want to leave creativity to us, we’ll procure the best gifts for your best customers.

The "wow" effect of the right gift goes a long way!

  • How it works

    We take pride in coming up with unique, original, highly "thought-of" gifts. For your VIP Clients: we propose Premium Brands, Luxury Gifts and signature items from the most sought-after Designers.


  • What we do

    At Initial, our customers have big ideas. And they trust us to deliver. Whether it’s a dream holiday, back stage VIP passes or a sold out fight, Initial will create and deliver the best experience for your promotion.